The Omega Nanny is officially on its way!

Exciting news – The Omega Nanny has a publishing date!  Mark your calendars for April 26, 2016, to get your copy of The Omega Nanny on Amazon Kindle.

Alpha Thomas Whittaker needs a nanny.

Single dad Thomas Whittaker loves work, his daughter, and coffee – not always in that order. Romance hasn’t been on his mind since his mate died six years ago. When his sister hires the cute busboy from Thomas’s favorite coffee shop as the new nanny, he’s just amused.

Until he finds out that the busboy is an omega.

Omega Kieran Corvey needs a job.

Kieran Corvey is newly single, almost homeless – and determined to pay back every cent his parents spent on an engagement that went nowhere. Kieran needs money more than he needs a love life. Being hired to take care of a six-year-old girl is much better than shilling coffee to thirsty and lusty customers all day.

Until he finds out his new employer is an alpha.

Sometimes you find exactly what you need when you’re not looking for it at all.

The Omega Nanny is a standalone Omegaverse non-shifter story with a HEA and mpreg (male pregnancy) ending.

The Omega Nanny should be ready for pre-order on Amazon in a few weeks, but you can mark the book as “Want to Read” on your GoodReads account now!


But before I start editing – I have to finish the section I’m writing for The Country Alpha. The book is shaping up to be SO much fun, and I’m super pleased with the changes I’ve made and the new characters I’m going to introduce. It’s been six years since Ethan and Antonio were bonded – Ethan’s little brother Jake’s grown up a lot since we saw him last. I can’t wait to introduce you again.

Enough dallying… I’ve got some work ahead of me. Keep your eyes peeled the next few weeks for a cover reveal for The Omega Nanny, as well as a sneak peek and pre-ordering information. And if you’re already signed up for my newsletter – there’ll be an offer for ARCs in the next few weeks too.

Have a great day!

Social Media Frenzy?

Every time I think I have a good handle on time management, I realize I’ve forgotten to include some necessary task. Generally, the task involves cleaning the bathrooms, making dinner, or emptying the cat’s litterbox.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the tasks I’m ignoring – okay, I can think of about a thousand things I’d rather do than clean out the cat’s litterbox – but it’s just so much easier to ignore them in lieu of other things. Like writing. Or playing with the baby. Or having lunch with a friend. I mean… the bathrooms aren’t going anywhere. The 6-year-old is totally content with pb&j for three meals a day. And the cat spends a lot of time outside anyway.

One of the pieces of advice I’ve seen over the last couple of months is about maintaining a social media presence online – generally speaking, via Facebook, though Twitter comes up fairly often as well. (Tumblr and Instagram are a bit lower on the social media totem pole.) While the details of the recommended method of participating in those sites varies – the fact remains that just about everyone, their publishers, agents, and kid brothers, wants authors to be online.

Which is fine. I get that. I even get the difference between selling books (which nearly everyone admits a Facebook profile or page cannot do) and selling yourself (which is absolutely what Facebook does do, whether on a professional or personal level).

What amazes me are the number of authors out there who run not only a Twitter account… but also a Facebook, and a website, and a blog, and still have time to produce books every couple of months. (Oh, and some of them also raise children, have another part- or full-time job, and presumably do not hire housekeepers, cooks, or professional litterbox emptiers.)

I really, really want to know their time management secrets, so I can steal them.

My own solution to time management is based solely on how long the baby naps – and he’s never been the best of nappers. He started to cut down to one nap a day when he was ten months old, and he still doesn’t sleep through the night. (And recently, he’s decided that 2am is an excellent time to play with his brother’s toys, since his brother is sensibly sleeping at 2am and cannot defend them.) On a good day, I’ll get around 2 hours. On a fantastic day, I’ll get nearly 3.

On a really horrible day – like last weekend? One hour. And he wakes up so crabby that I kind of want to murder some dinosaurs and drive around in circles until he goes back to sleep.

What happens is this: the baby goes down for a nap. I gently lay him in his crib, whisper a loving wish that he have a lovely long nap, tiptoe out of the room and softly close the door.

And then I hightail it downstairs, turn on my laptop, get my water and the baby monitor, and write like the wind without stopping for about 45 minutes or until I hit a stopping point or until the baby wakes up, depending on the day.

Most moms use that time for dishes, for cleaning, for mental health, for making dentist appointments, for… oh, I don’t know. Whatever other moms do. I use it to get my characters naked. Hey, it’s a living.

I have to do the writing first. (The only thing that trumps writing is washing the dishes.) I’ve found that if I do anything else on the computer before I start writing… I end up not writing. And that includes Twitter, Tumblr, LJ… anything.

And when I do use those… I have to limit myself, or I end up spending hours on them and then the baby’s waking up and the bathrooms are gross and I haven’t taken anything out of the freezer to defrost for dinner and the cat? She’s not even speaking to me, probably because the whole house smells like litterbox. I can’t say I blame her.

So I get five minutes on Twitter, and five minutes on Tumblr. (Not for the whole day. Just at a time.) And I’ve found… that’s kind of all I need. I can usually get a queue running in that time, look at what other people are saying, mark out articles I want to read later. It works.

I could probably expand that to include Facebook… I’m not sure I want to. I had a Facebook, years ago… and I hated it. I deleted it that day that my feed was full of pictures of everyone’s lunches. (Friends, I love you, but I do not care about your lunch box.) It took me a few months to get the hang of Twitter, and even now I’m still only so-so with it. It took me about a year to really start to like Tumblr (but now I adore it).

I’m still not entirely sold on how much of any of that is necessary.  Whereas I’m fairly sure that if I don’t clean the bathrooms, I will inadvertently create new life forms, or possibly rediscover penicillin. If I don’t make dinner, my children will develop rickets from too many pb&js. And if I don’t clean the cat’s litterbox… okay, probably not much will happen that doesn’t already occur from time to time, if I don’t clean the cat’s litterbox.

It just might happen on my bed, instead of next to it.

Do you split your online time across various social medias? How do you decide what goes where?

A new story on its way!

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted here – there are several reasons for that. One is that the baby’s nap schedule has gone all catawampus, and in mid-February, he decided that only one nap per day is necessary. (He turned about a week ago, so this was somewhat early, though not entirely unexpected. He’s adorable but a terrible sleeper.)

The other – much more entertaining reason – is that toward the end of January, I was bit by a rabid plot bunny, and since I was having trouble with The Country Alpha – for reasons I’ll get into in a minute – I decided to pay attention. I wasn’t looking to write a different story – but sometimes that’s the way it goes, isn’t it? Sometimes you just sort of stumble across an idea when you’re not even looking.

And aren’t those the ideas that always turn out to be the best ideas after all?

I started writing what I called the “Standalone Story” on January 20 – and I finished the fifth draft, 63,000 words later, on March 7. I can’t remember the last time I wrote that quickly, but I’m super pleased with the results. The book is with several trusted readers now before it goes into final edits in early April, and hopefully will be ready to post by the end of April, or early May at the latest.

The best part about writing my Standalone Story, though – I had so much fun writing it that I realized what was wrong with The Country Alpha. It wasn’t just that I wasn’t having fun writing it. It was that the characters themselves weren’t having fun living it. Their story was dragging, they were dragging, and the whole thing was just… long. Very long. And boringly long.

What do you do when the story you’re writing – the story you had in mind from almost the beginning – doesn’t work?

You take a breath, shove everything into a folder marked “OLD VERSION”… and you start fresh.

Which is exactly what I did on Monday, and now I’m over 20,000 words in, and I love what I’m writing – and I can tell the characters are much happier, too.

So the good news is that there will be a new story ready in the next six weeks, and the second part of the Downing Cycle is going to be much better than I originally envisioned.

The bad news? It might not be ready by August, when I originally planned for it to come out.

Not to end on a negative note, though: let me tell you a little bit about my new book, due to be released in a few weeks. The Omega Nanny is a fun, sweet, sexy, tropey story about a single alpha dad in need of a new nanny – and a single omega busboy in need of a new job. Neither of them is looking for a mate – so of course they find each other!

I guess that’s what accidental stories and love have in common: you always find exactly what you need when you’re not actually looking for it!