In which I am officially no longer a metal mouth (only took 25 years…)

In which I am officially no longer a metal mouth (it only took 25 years!)

I’ve mentioned before that one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be better about blogging, since I’ve neglected it quite a lot in 2017. I'm planning to post once every week or two, splitting the focus between personal life, my writing process, and living overseas. I understand this is a departure from my previous modus operandi, so I wanted to let you know that if you’d rather just have information about new releases and ARC opportunities, I recommend signing up for my newsletter, which I only use for those announcements. Thanks!

So I’m sitting at my computer last night when my tongue informed me that there was something wrong with my mouth.

Normally my tongue doesn’t inform me about stuff like that. I mean – it’s a tongue, it sort of just rests there on the bottom of my mouth. But I was idly playing with my website, trying to figure out how to make it prettier, when I realized that my 25-year-old fixed retainer had reconfigured itself into a twangy instrument that my tongue was attempting to play.

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