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For the second summer in a row, the boys and I have headed back to Arizona to stay with my parents. Partially this is because it’s too blistering hot in our current country of residence to remain for the summer months. My joke is that we’re trading heat for heat – except believe it or not, it’s actually cooler in Arizona than it is where we are the rest of the year. I grew up hearing people talk about how it’s a “dry heat”… I don’t think I truly understood until I stepped outside my house in the Middle East and experience 120F with 90% humidity. Blech.

It’s amazing how much the town I grew up in has grown since I lived here some twenty years ago, though. When I was a kid, the library was all the way across town, and the kid’s section was in the basement. It wasn’t a bad kid’s section, despite the yellowing lights and threadbare carpets. There were always plenty of books I hadn’t read yet, friendly librarians to help find things, and best of all, a dollhouse with some seriously amazing dolls and teeny tiny furniture and paintings and everything one could want in a dollhouse. You couldn’t play with the dollhouse – it was an antique – but I loved looking at it, and probably spent far too long staring past the Plexi-glass while my mother tapped her foot and waited for me to finish.

Twenty years later, the library is still there across town: but it’s no longer the only branch, let alone the main branch. The new location is much, much closer to my parents’ house, and it’s gorgeous. The kids section, instead of being in the dark and windowless basement, is bright and airy and features no less than five storytimes a week. There’s no dollhouse (I have no idea what happened to the one in my memory) but there’s a cave with benches and a Lego table, both of which fascinate my 3-year-old son.

This summer, like last summer, I signed the boys up for the summer reading program. Isn’t it funny how summer just seems to go with reading? The whole concept of summer reading lists and swinging in a hammock in the backyard with a book and a glass of lemonade. Or sitting on a beach under an umbrella, reading some deliciously silly book with scantily clad people on the cover, the trashier the better.

(True for most people, anyway. I once won a contest for correctly remembering that the last book my husband had read on a beach was Stalin and the Bomb.)

In keeping with tradition, my newest release features sunsets and warm air, scantily-clad cover models and ice cream cones. There’s even a rainy day in Paris to soothe your sunburnt skin! (And no mentions of Stalin or bombs, I promise!)



What Happens at Bonded Beach:


Alpha Jamal Patterson hasn’t had a steady relationship in his entire life, and he’s never wanted one, either. When his next job involves photographing his favorite model at the infamous Bondell Beach Resort – known for allowing bonded couples only – that lifestyle proves to be a snag. His boss has a solution in mind – but Jamal takes one look at her “solution” and knows his heart is in big trouble.


Maybe secretarial work isn’t quite Omega Bryce Fulton’s childhood dream, but at least it’s in the fashion industry. Photo shoots in Paris aren’t meant for guys like him – especially with the secret he’s sure would get him fired. But when a cute photographer needs Bryce’s help to access an exclusive beach resort, Bryce gets the chance to have everything his heart – and his ambition – have always wanted.


It’s the perfect plan: pretend to be a couple for two days. Jamal gets his photos, and Bryce gets to prove he can handle more responsibility. But Bonded Beach didn’t get its nickname for nothing. Now Bryce and Jamal are going to have to decide what’s really important: their careers, or each other.

For release on July 10, 2018

Pre-orders available now!

$2.99 or Free on Kindle Unlimited


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