The Downing Cycle

Finding your mate is the easy part.

Happiness is a whole other story.

Meet Ethan, Jake, and Becca Downing – three siblings living in a small town a few hours outside the city. All they’ve ever wanted is the ability to live their lives exactly as they’d like… and all three will have to defy expectations in order to do it.

The entire Downing Cycle is available to read for free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, or for purchase for $2.99 each.

The Country Omega cover 2

The Country Omega
Part One of the Downing Cycle

All Ethan wants is to achieve his dream of being a concert pianist – but as an omega, he needs to be bonded in order to attend a musical conservatory.

All Antonio wants is to live his life unencumbered by responsibility – but as an unbonded alpha, he is bound to remain under his father’s thumb until he finds a mate.

It’s a match made in a lawyer’s office… at least, if anyone lets it happen at all!

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The Country Alpha
Part Two of the Downing Cycle

After a life-changing accident, Jake wants to turn his back on the world and live out his life in seclusion. A single text, however, is going to spin his first night in the city in two wildly different directions… resulting in two different love interests in two different books!

You can read one or both books, in any order you like – and not miss a beat of the overall arc! Have fun!


Ned’s Story

When Jake arrives in the city, the first thing he does is to purchase a mountain. But before he can start his new life, he forms an undeniable link to Ned Reilly, a young omega who seems to be on the run from something… or someone.

Neither Jake nor Ned want this bond – or each other. But they’re going to need each other if they’re going to make it through the weekend alive.

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Veronica’s Story

But what if Jake can’t buy his mountain right away? Forced to kick his heels and wait, Jake faces his demons and agrees to coach a junior-level hockey team – and somehow ends up accidentally engaged to Veronica Aletta, a young omega on a mission to save her father’s winery from ruin.

It’s a race against time for Jake and Veronica – can they save the winery before the week is up, and manage to escape being bound together for good? And for that matter – do they even want to?

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Coming Soon in 2017: Becca’s Story!