So this is publication? …Nice.

Has it really only been a week?  Seems like longer.  Or maybe that’s because I was obsessively checking Amazon and Goodreads for how The Country Omega was doing, and that does sort of make it seem like the book’s been out forever!

Of course, it might also feel like longer because of all the snow days when my older son was home from kindergarten – and then when school was finally back in session, it was all pre-scheduled early release days.  This week will be the first full weeks of school he’s had in a couple of weeks.

Despite this – and this is the bit that amazes even me – I’ve managed to write just over 25,000 words on a new story in the last two weeks.  Part Two of the Downing Cycle (The Country Alpha) has been giving me some trouble, and I had an idea for a new story – so I decided to take a break and run with it.  I figured the new story would only be… oh, 20, maybe 30,000 words?

Yeah, I’m at 26K and I’m maybe two-thirds done.  Did I mention that I have a long history of being terrible at estimated word counts?

I do like the new story, though. It’s not connected to the Downing Cycle, though it’s in the same Omegaverse world. It’s super tropey – Single Dads! Hot young nannies! And there’s even a coffee shop! – but I think it’s super fun, and I’ve had a blast writing it. No title yet – even the file is called a very generic “Standalone Story” on my computer, but sometimes naming a story takes me longer than writing the story itself.

And… the best part is that while I’ve been writing it, I’ve figured out where I went wrong with The Country Alpha.  Somewhere along the line, I forgot that I was supposed to be having fun writing it.  Seems pretty basic, doesn’t it?  I’m writing what are essentially fun, quirky, kinky little stories.  If I’m not having fun writing them, you aren’t going to have fun reading them, either.

All in all – a good month.  I actually feel a bit silly about all the words I wrote this month – a grand total of 45,031 – because in the yearly writing challenge I signed up to do, I pledged to write a total of 150K for 2016.  I deliberately took a low number, because with moving this summer, and the baby, I didn’t want to miss the goal again… but I think maybe that won’t be so much a problem now.  (Or at least, for a while.)

And I am pleased with how TCO is doing. The reviews so far have been positive and lovely, and I’ve had several people message me privately to say how much they’ve enjoyed the story. Color me happy as a clam.

Now if I could only think of a title for that Standalone Story….


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