Busy Week(s) Ahead

It’s the week before The Omega Nanny comes out… but if you think I’m sitting back on my laurels, you’d be wrong.

The big news is that I had the best idea for The Country Alpha. Those of you who have been reading between the lines know that I’ve been having a little trouble with the characters and the storyline – half the reason I went ahead and wrote The Omega Nanny was because I kept running into roadblocks with TCA.

And then over the weekend, I had the best idea for how to fix it. Well… not fix it, exactly. But make it really, really interesting, and give it a twist that I’m not sure any other author has tried. Not in the way I’m going to write it, anyway.

The only drawback is that it’s going to take a lot more time to finish, because – without giving it away, because even I’m not sure this is going to work – I’m essentially writing two complete books.

If I can pull it off… it’ll be awesome, and you’re going to love it.

If I can’t… ah well. At least the negative reviews should be hysterical!

What that means, though, is that I have got to set down to work, and work hard, over the next few weeks. My older son wraps up Kindergarten in mid-June, and then we’re packing up and moving at the end of June, and won’t arrive in our new locale until mid-August. Two kids and a cat and me in a hotel room for at least six weeks… probably won’t leave a lot of time for writing or editing. So I need to get as much done as I can get done now.

So I’m taking the drastic measure (*gulp*) of blocking myself from Twitter and Tumblr and most other do-nothing sites for the rest of the month. I have no will-power about those sites at all. Most of the time, I allow myself to go on in 5-minute increments, and that tends to work pretty well.

Last night? I spent two hours reading headcanons on Check Please! characters and watching “Where Are They Now?” videos from the Oprah Winfrey show. I have updates on the pregnant man, the Barbie-doll woman, and the Octomom, as well as plenty of happily-ever-after endings for Jack and Eric… and nothing new written for Country Alpha.

So we’ll see how it goes. I’m going to allow myself an hour a day to be on those places, so I won’t completely disappear (and they do provide a nice break from time to time, which is good for your brain). And hopefully, by the time May rolls through, I’ll be well on my way to having two very complete first and maybe second drafts of Country Alpha.

Wish me luck!


Have you pre-ordered The Omega Nanny yet?

Yes? FABULOUS, thank you!

No? That’s okay, I still love you. (But here, have some links anyway.)

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