The Country Omega is FREE this weekend!

It’s my birthday, but you get the treat – The Country Omega is free to own this weekend on Amazon Kindle! That’s right – totally, 100% free now through September 18. I haven’t run a price promotion on any of my books yet – and strangely enough, I think I’m more excited for this than I was for the actual publication!


(Okay, maybe not. But it has been exciting, getting it all set up.)


And in case you’re saying, “But Pen, I’ve already read it!” — don’t worry, there’s a treat in store for you, too. I’ve added a special sneak peek at the sequel, The Country Alpha, so even if you read it on Kindle Unlimited before, you’ll want to download the book to look at that! Those of you who already purchased a copy should find that Amazon has already updated your version, too – so you should be able to see the sneak peek as well. (If not, let me know – everyone gets to be happy on my birthday!)


One text is all it takes to spin a life into a different direction.

After a devastating accident, alpha Jake Downing has set aside his dream of hockey stardom, and narrowed his choices down to one—life as a hermit on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, with no city, no strictures of society, and especially no omega. He just needs to take one trip into the city – and then he’s free.

This is how the story begins.

Within hours of his arrival, however, a single text message will twist the course his life takes, spinning his life in two alternate realities – determining not only the ownership of Jake’s mountain, but also the person with whom he might end up sharing it.

This is how the story might go.

In one reality, Jake gets his mountain, but he also gets Ned Reilly, an omega whose secrets have been ripped away one by one. The whole city knows why Ned’s first alpha broke their bond—or thinks it does. The whole city is wrong. No one’s ever taken Ned seriously before—except the one man Ned can’t afford to ignore. Now Ned’s life is at stake… and Jake’s mountain might just save them both.

This is how the story might go.

The other reality leads Jake back to the ice, and with it, omega Veronica Aletta. Veronica’s broken bond is a matter of gossip on the omega circuit – so it’s just as well she has no intention of bonding again, despite her father’s persistence. But now she’s about to lose everything that’s precious to her, and it will take more than determination and her strange link with Jake Downing to save it.

Sometimes love is just a matter of circumstance.

One night in the city, one inexplicable bond formed in a moment of passion, will bind Jake to the person destined to be his mate. Only their growing faith in each other will keep them from being torn apart.

A Country Alpha is a story told two different ways. A Country Alpha: Ned is m/m non-shifter paranormal mpreg romance. A Country Alpha: Veronica is m/f non-shifter paranormal romance. Available separately from Amazon Kindle starting November 2016.


I’m still working on finishing up the edits on The Country Alpha, and there’s some GORGEOUS covers in the works that hopefully will be ready to show off in a few weeks. But in the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek and have a fantastic, cake-filled day!


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