The Country Alpha is now available for pre-order!

WHEW! I’m pleased to announce that both versions of The Country Alpha are available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle! The book will be released on November 15, but you can pre-order your copies now for the discounted rate of $1.99 – it’ll go up on November 15!




I wish there was a way that Amazon would let me give a further discount on one book if you buy the first – but apart from bundling them together (which has sticky consequences for Kindle Unlimited readers), I can’t figure out how to do it.

I am SO excited to have these books finally ready for everyone! I feel like I’ve been working on them forever… well, I kind of have, Veronica’s version of the story was my Nano project last year! It’s changed a great deal since then – I think it might almost be unrecognizable now. There were points I really doubted I’d ever have it ready – but I’m so happy with how it’s come out, and I’m overjoyed with Ned’s Story. I can’t imagine having written this story any other way, to be honest. I think Jake’s story was always meant to be told in this format, with the two possibilities. Those of you who read one or the other are going to love them – but those of you who read both are in for a real treat.

I admit, I’m very curious how this is going to play out. Let’s face it, the reason most people are reading my books are because they’re interested in a specific genre: m/m paranormal romance. Writing a book that features an m/f pairing? That’s a pretty big gamble for me, especially so early in my publishing career. And I think I may have already seen at least one person unsubscribe from my mailing list because of it. (Granted, I can’t prove it. But I can say that before I sent out the email about the pre-orders, there were 70 people on that list. Within a day after sending it? 69.)


Like you all weren’t thinking about them, too.

I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that Veronica’s version of the story is going to do anywhere near as well as Ned’s version (and I remind myself constantly that there is no guarantee that Ned’s version will do as well as The Country Omega did in the first place). After all – Veronica’s Story is essentially my first in a new genre (of m/f romance), where the name of Penelope Peters is even more unknown than it is in m/m romance. The fact that it’s even got pre-orders is kind of making my day. I’m going to do my best by it – because I do believe it’s a good story, well-told, and is worth reading – but I’ll be honest and say I’m not entirely sure how to market it.

So when I say I don’t expect it to do as well… that’s me being pragmatic. If it gets a third of the pre-orders that Country Omega did, I’ll be happy. Then again – if Ned’s Story gets three-quarters of the pre-orders that Country Omega did, I’ll be happy with it, too.

lowered_expectations.gif(This makes me sound a great deal more pessimistic than I actually am. Really, it’s more about setting myself up to be pleasantly/enthusiastically surprised. Or at least, not horrifically disappointed.)

(I will admit I am very much hoping for the first outcome, and not the second.)


Anyway, I have jumped into the media blitz with 1-1/2 feet. It would be two feet, except I’ve kind of dropped the ball about sending ARCs out to the various review sites. (That’s this week’s goal. Or maybe next week’s. Everyone’s a little pre-occupied today, I think.)

So what do you all think? Am I being reasonable about Veronica’s Story’s reception? Or do you think I’m being pessimistic about it?

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