King of Hearts

King of Hearts

by Penelope Peters  | Format: mobi, epub, pdf

Just like the books you might remember reading as a kid…

You’re a seasoned blackjack player. He’s a naïve rookie. Will he lose it all? Or will you lose your heart?

You’re a seasoned blackjack player when you find yourself at a table in a Vegas casino with a naïve young man who clearly is out of his depth. You have your own fish to fry… but if you don’t help this guy, it’s his goose that will end up cooked!

It’s your call what happens next!

Will you end up caught in a Vegas magician’s stage show – or will you run for your life down the Strip? Will you be abducted by aliens – or in a cab driven by a guy who looks an awful lot like The King himself?

The choice is yours – and you can make it again, and again, and again!

There’s over 20 different endings, with varying levels of fun surprises and more twists and turns than a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. One thing’s for sure – every ending will leave you grinning – and ready to play the House again.

Product Details

  • File Size : 375kb mobi, 900kb epub, 1mb pdf
  • Publication Date : October 2020
  • Length in Microsoft Word : 190 Pages 
  • Language: : English
  • Number of Endings : A Bunch
  • Number of Endings that Involve Werewolves : 1
  • Number of Pop Culture References Only Pen Will Get: ~5
  • Number of Times You’ll Probably Die : 1.5
  • Number of Times You’ll Laugh Out Loud : 627

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