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I’m feeling a little bit down today, so I thought I’d share the summary I’ve been writing for my next book, The Prince & the Omega. I’ve fallen into the royalty trope – you know, princes and princesses and the like. (I blame Lilah Pace’s His Royal Secret and the sequel, His Royal Favorite. Neither are O’verse, and oh my, they’re fabulous reads. If you enjoy royalty romances, definitely go and treat yourself with these.)

Writing summaries is challenging. After all, I’m trying to condense all the best bits of a 30,000-word story (or longer!) into something that’s only a couple hundred words long – or less! Let’s face it – if book covers (which are the bane of my existence) are the first thing that gets someone to notice my book, the summary is going to be the deciding factor in whether or not that someone actually buys it.

That’s a whole lot of pressure on just a hundred words or so.

Especially when I always leave out the parts I like the best. I don’t get a chance to tell you about Rowan’s awesome knife-wielding sidekick, or the half-brother who isn’t all that he seems. There’s not much chance to explain how Rowan and Celia are best friends from when they’re tiny, close enough to be siblings, or how Gus’s sense of duty drives everything he does.

Then again… maybe there’s ways to shove all that in there and still end up with something that’s not so clunky!

So here’s the summary for The Prince & the Omega. What do you think? Would you buy this book?


Omega Rowan Thornton’s best friend might be a princess, but he’s happy to wait for Mr. Right instead of Prince Charming. So when Princess Celia asks Rowan to find a paramour at the ball celebrating her arranged marriage to a foreign prince, just so she can live a romance vicariously through him… well, that’s what best friends are for, right?

Prince Gaspar – better known as Gus – isn’t the type of alpha to fall in love at the drop of a hat – or at the staged farce of a romantic ball. He’s agreed to an arranged marriage because it’s his duty – not his desire. When his half-brother suggests he take a last chance at having what he really wants before getting tied down to a foreign princess, Gus has no intention of following through… until he runs into trouble, and the only person who can help him is the handsome omega commoner with the adorable smile.

Gus and Rowan both know that being together a bad idea – but they can’t help themselves. One night of giving into their passion has consequences neither of them anticipated… but will it destroy any chance of their countries remaining at peace? And will one courtier’s jealousy end up destroying them both?


The Prince and the Omega is a stand-alone m/m mpreg omegaverse non-shifter romance with an HEA ending. It has secret passageways, loyal friendships, garden labyrinths, and a prince in disguise.

(Be warned, though – while I’m totally cool with you saying “no” – after all, not all books are right for all readers – I might want to know what turned you off of this one.)

Once I have the summary just right – and I know the one above probably needs additional tweaking – I’ll be able to create the page for it on Goodreads. It’ll likely come out toward the end of May.

In the meantime, I’m busy thinking about what comes next: the last book in the Downing Cycle, or another feel-good fun-paced tropey sort of story? What would you rather see?

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