The Prince and the Omega: look at these cuties!

I liked my cover for Christmas Caroling so much, I’ve decided to go with Amourisa Designs again for The Prince and the Omega – and I couldn’t be more pleased! LOOK AT THESE CUTIES. Just look at them! We had a devil of a time finding the right model for Gus (our prince, he’s in the foreground) but I love the final product. I especially love the castle background, and the crest at the bottom is just a bonus.

So I’ve found myself in a funny situation at the moment.

I have two books more or less ready to be published.

Okay, granted, I was in this spot back in November with The Country Alpha, but that had been intentional. This one isn’t.

The Prince and the Omega is set to go out later this month. I’ve spent all morning polishing it up, formatting the pages, inserting links, and writing the front and back matter. It’s a lovely thing and I’m very proud of it, and I’ve even decided on a release date: May 25.

Camp Lake Omega is my summer camp story, and as such, it’ll come out in July. (Mostly because I think my dad wants to watch the process.) It’s in great shape at the moment, too – it’s going through the final beta, and then it’ll be ready for all the bells and whistles.

What’s throwing me off is that I’m ready well in advance of when I thought I’d be. I could very easily release P&O next week if I wanted – most of the reason I’m waiting is because I’m going to indulge in a bit of advertising for it, and late May works better for the various companies I want to use. I could probably start sending out ARCs tomorrow… but that’s too early, reviewers would forget what they read by the time it came to write the review for Amazon (which doesn’t allow reviews to be posted until the book is released).

I have to keep telling myself that being ready with this much advance time is a good thing. Especially for Camp Lake Omega – I could actually get it out to the review blogs well in advance of its publish date, and maybe those reviews would coincide with the release! I could pick and choose my release date and ARC dates based on when I think is best, not what works best for the calendar! I could have less pressure getting the book to be pretty, and more time sitting by the pool while the kids splash each other.

(Okay, let’s be honest. I will be inside the air-conditioned house while my mother watches the kids in the pool splashing each other. Grandmas are awesome like that.)

This is so weird, guys. I’ve never been someone to wait until the night before the project was due to complete my work, but I’ve never been the kid who did the whole damn thing the weekend after it was assigned, either.

It’s so weird I find myself balking at stupid things. Should I create Goodreads pages for the books now? (Answer: probably yes.) Should I go ahead and make a pre-order for Camp Lake Omega on Amazon now? (Answer: maybe? I could at least start the process.) Should I start shopping both of them to review blogs? (Answer: OH HELLS YES.)

For the moment, I think I’m going to bask in the glory of having a book ready to go — or nearly; I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. I’m equally sure that I’ll remember exactly what it is at 3am.

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